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Cold Spring Harbor Asia (CSHA) is the Asia-Pacific subsidiary of New York based Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). Inaugurated in 2010, CSHA is dedicated to promoting international scientific exchange in the Asia-Pacific region by offering cutting-edge scientific conferences and advanced training courses.

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View the 2024 poster showcasing our current selection of meetings and courses.

Being a prominent city with rich history and culture, Suzhou is easily accessible by air, rail and road.

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The Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference Center, located on to the Dushu Lake, is situated in the southeast of SIP Suzhou, 90 kilometers away from Shanghai.

Cold Spring Harbor Asia Program

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is a leading international center for research and education. As part of its mission, each year CSHL organizes 25 scientific conferences, 20 Banbury Center meetings and 30 advanced technical science courses, with organizers, instructors and participants from all over the world.