About The Conference Center

The Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference Center, located on to the Dushu Lake, is situated in the southeast of SIP Suzhou, 90 kilometers away from Shanghai. It throughout combines ultramodern convenience with world class architectural and landscape design. The buildings and surroundings have embodied the finest local Chinese architectural philosophy and design criteria while providing the needed functionality and convenience to host modern scientific conferences.

The Conference Room And Poster Area

The Meetings will be held in CSHAsia auditorium.


A phone, TV and air conditioning are supplied in the guest rooms. A indoor swimming pool and fitness center are available for all the guests. (Need to update after the hotel give us more accurate info.) 

Open Hours

Entertainments:(free to hotel residents)
Swimming Pool:6:00-23:00 Gymnasium & Aerobic:6:00-23:00 


4th floor of CSHAsia acdemic center.

Dining Area

Lunch and dinner will be held on CSHAsia acdemic center.


Wireless network identifier: CSHA-Global-Guest. 

No authentication credentials are required. Upon connecting to the wireless network, a web page will appear prompting you to accept our internet agreement. Once you have agreed to the terms, please click the green button to establish a connection.