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Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences hope to attract top scientists from around the world to Suzhou/China for intensive discussions of the latest discoveries in a broad range of the biological and biomedical sciences. Journalists, science writers, and editors are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings, which provide unparalleled opportunities for reporting on and keeping current with a wide variety of topics. Agreeing to the following policy is pre-requisite for media attendance:

Confidentiality and Use of Information

Often, during the course of a meeting, a scientist will present a discovery, method, or current project that is not yet complete or published. Therefore, to prevent the premature release of confidential information, we require all media attendees to obtain permission in advance from the relevant scientist prior to reporting any spoken or printed information gleaned from the meetings. Media attendees are encouraged to approach scientists out-of-session (e.g. during coffee breaks, poster sessions, social hours, etc.) for informal discussions, formal interviews, and/or permission to report sensitive information at the appropriate time.


The quality, timeliness, and impact of CSH Asia Conferences result in part from the large amounts of thought, effort, and judgement that go into selecting the topics, organizers, and speakers for each meeting. As a means of recognizing these contributions to the information presented, excitement, and success of this conference series and to the advancement of science, we would be grateful if your reportage would explicitly mention "Cold Spring Harbor Conferences Asia".

Limitations of Space

We hope that the Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences program will bring together thousands of scientists from around the world each year. Unfortunately, meetings are often likely to be oversubscribed and closed due to space limitations to prospective registrants. This affects both scientists and the media. When you register, please note if a conference has already been closed. Please remember that we must always give priority to the scientists at the meeting, and while we welcome members of the media, we must make scientific exchange our first priority. When conferences are oversubscribed, you may be unable to find a seat inside the auditorium. In such cases, we ask that you utilize the closed-circuit viewing areas set up for this overflow. Again, priority must be given to scientists, and we ask for your patience and understanding.

Session Participation

As most of our scientists gather to exchange and discuss information, the actual time spent in the meetings is quite precious. We ask that the media refrain from engaging in questions or discussions during the sessions. However, we encourage members of media to approach individual scientists and meeting leaders after the sessions, during the session breaks, at meals and throughout the day to ask questions and gather information. Please be sure to identify yourself as a member of the media, get the scientist's permission to speak with him/her, and distinguish whether comments and quotes will be on- or off-record. Any quotations or citations you make must have the express consent of the scientist, or the appropriate principal investigator if your source is a post-doctoral or graduate student.

Advance Information

Conference programs and abstracts are only distributed upon check-in.

Remember, we are prepared to answer your questions, clarify these guidelines or help you attain the information you need for your work. Please contact our press coordinator, Yuri Fan