Access to the Conference Venue

Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center is located at the northeast coast of Awaji Island. There is one international airport nearby, which is Kansai International Airport (KIX), and two domestic airports, namely Osaka International (Itami) Airport and Kobe Airport (UKB), respectively. The conference center is connected by various ground transportations, such as express buses and trains (JR trains), from the airports. To get to the Awaji Yumebutai international conference center and Grand Nikko Awaji hotel, one has to take an highway express bus for Awaji Yumebutai mae (Bus stop #4 to Higashiura Bus Terminal) from Sannomiya Bus terminus located near the Sannomiya JR station on the ground floor of Mint Kobe building at Kobe City. The bus ride will take about 45 minutes.

There are multiple ways to get to the venue from different airports. A summary of all possible ways to get to the venue from the 3 airports can be found below:


For international participants travelling from Kansai international airport (KIX) at Osaka, you can opt to take an airport Limousine Bus for Kobe Sannomiya (Bus stop #6 located near south exit on the 1st floor of arrival hall) directly and then change to the highway express bus at Sannomiya bus terminus for Awaji Yumebutai mae.The express bus will stop right at the entrance of the Grand Nikko Awaji hotel. Other transportations such as taxi or self-arranged airport pickup is also available. However, it is not an economical transportation option in Japan.

A detailed information of how to get to the bus stop at Kansai international airport and the bus schedules for both airport limousine bus for Sannomiya as well as highway express bus for Awaji Yumebutai Mae can be found as follows: 

Please note that, however, express bus services after 19:00 local time will stop at Kokudo Yumebutai Mae instead of Awaji Yumebutai mae, which will require a 3-minute walk to the hotel as shown in the map below

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