Advances in Optical Imaging of Living Cells & Organisms: Focus on the Brain

Suzhou, China 
October 15-19, 2018  
Abstract deadline: August 24th, 2018

Conference Agenda

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Organized by:

Guoqiang Bi, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Haruhiko Bito, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Arthur Konnerth, Technical University Munich, Germany

Yi Zuo, University of California Santa Cruz, USA



We are pleased to announce the Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Advances in Optical Imaging of Living Cells & Organisms: Focus on the Brain which will be held in Suzhou, China, located approximately 60 miles west of Shanghai. The conference will begin at 7:00pm on the evening of Monday October 15, and will conclude after lunch on Friday October 19, 2018.

The conference will include eight oral sessions and one poster session covering the latest findings across many topics. Many talks will be selected from the openly submitted abstracts on the basis of scientific merit and relevance. Social events throughout the conference provide ample opportunity for informal interactions.

Major Topics:
1. Super-resolution and correlative microscopy
2. Mesoscale imaging
3. High-speed volumetric imaging
4. Calcium imaging in astrocytes
5. In vivo imaging of neuronal structure and function
6. Brain mapping
7. New indicators for neuronal and synaptic activity

Keynote Speakers (Speaker, Affiliation, COUNTRY/Region):
Yang Dan, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Abstract title: Neural circuits controlling sleep
Karel Svoboda, HHMI, USA

Abstract title: Advances for tracking neural dynamics in vivo: a view from Janelia

Invited Speakers (Speaker, Affiliation, COUNTRY/Region):
Alison Barth, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Abstract title: Quantitative synapse analysis for cell-type specific connectomics
Guoqiang Bi, University of Science and Technology of China, CHINA
Abstract title: Multiscale imaging of neuronal synapses and circuits
Haruhiko Bito, The University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Abstract title: Multiplex imaging of neural activity and signaling dynamics
Thomas Blanpied, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Abstract title: Dynamic control of synaptic nanostructure and function by adhesion molecules.
Jayaram Chandrashekar, HHMI Janelia Research Campus, USA
Abstract title: The Janelia Mouselight Project: Cellular diversity and circuit-level connectivity in the mouse brain revealed by large-scale single-neuron reconstructions
Liangyi Chen, Peking University, CHINA
Abstract title: High spatiotemporal resolution fluorescence imaging of biological samples in vivo
Wenbiao Gan, New York University, USA
Abstract title: Learning and sleep-dependent dendritic spine plasticity and maintenance
Hitoshi Hashimoto, Osaka University, JAPAN
Abstract title: High-speed and high-resolution whole-brain imaging system FAST (block-face serial microscopy tomography)
Baljit Khakh, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Abstract title: Astrocyte calcium signaling regulates striatal microcircuits in vivo
David Kleinfeld, University of California at San Diego, USA
Abstract title: Volitional control of cortical neuromodulation
Arthur Konnerth, Technical University Munich, GERMANY
Abstract title: Dendritic spine imaging reveals synaptic basis of orientation selectivity in layer 4 of mouse visual cortex
Yulong Li, Peking University,CHINA
Abstract title: Spying on dopamine modulation by constructing new genetically-encoded indicators
Michael Lin, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
Abstract title: Random-access multi-photon imaging of an improved voltage indicator reveals electrical activity in deeply located neurons in the awake brain
Minmin Luo, National Institute of Biological Sciences,CHINA
Abstract title: Brain-wide Positioning System (BPS) – A whole brain surveying and mapping system for cell typing based on anatomical and spatial omics information
Qingming Luo, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CHINA
Christian Lohmann, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, NETHERLANDS
Abstract title: Mapping functional synapse development in vivo
Masanori Matsuzaki, University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Abstract title: Wide-field imaging of neural activity at cellular and subcellular resolutions
Timothy Murphy, University of British Columbia, CANADA
Abstract title: High-throughput electrophysiological, behavioral, or social event triggered imaging of mouse mesoscale brain activity
Valentin Nägerl, Université de Bordeaux / CNRS UMR 5297, FRANCE
Abstract title: Super-resolution microscopy for neuroscience: new methods & applications
Michael Stryker, UCSF, USA
Abstract title: The high-gain state of visual cortex: how does it gate plasticity?
Bruno Weber, University of Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Abstract title: Rapid Astrocyte Calcium Signals
Chris Xu, Cornell University, USA
Abstract title: In vivo Brain imaging with multiphoton Microscopy
Fuqiang Xu, Wuhan Institue of Physics and Mathematics, CHINA
Abstract title: Neurotropic Virus-based Tracers for Neurocircuits
Ryohei Yasuda, Max Planck Florida Institute, USA
Abstract title: Biochemical Signal Transduction in Single Dendritic Spines
Yi Zuo, University of California Santa Cruz, USA
Abstract title: Experience-dependent synapse reorganization in the living brain

We encourage abstracts to contain new and unpublished materials. The abstracts must be submitted electronically by the abstract deadline. Selection of material for oral and poster presentation will be made by the organizers. Status (fellow's talk/poster) of abstracts will be posted on our web site as soon as decisions have been made by the organizers. 

We are eager to have as many young people as possible attend since they are likely to benefit most from this meeting. A certain number of presentations by graduate students and postdocs in this conference will be selected as fellowship (USD $100-$500) awards. For more details, please visit Stipends

We look forward to seeing you at Suzhou in October, 2018.

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