Visa Application for entering Japan

Currently, Japan has resumed visa-exemption (i.e. Visa Free) travel for tourists from 68 countries and regions ( Therefore many of you are no longer required to obtain a short term visa to enter Japan for tourism, commerce, conferences, visiting relatives/ acquaintances, etc. However, if your nationality is not on the list of visa-exemption, you will require to apply for a short-term visiting visa at the Japan embassy or consular office at your place or region. Please email to Ms. Elaine Xu  ([email protected]) if you require to apply for a visa.


We will be able to provide you with documents below for your visa application: 

1. An invitation letter for the CSH Asia meeting at Awaji, Japan

2. Other neccessary documents requested by Embassy or Consular office to support your visa applications

please write to Elaine Xu  ([email protected]) with the following information: the meeting title, applicant’s full name, gender, date of  birth, nationality and passport number. Passport expiry date, tentative arrival and departure date. 


Please leave enough time (at least 1-2 months) for the entire application procedure due to current pandemic situation. 

You are required to read and follow the official information about entry into Japan on the website of Ministry of Foreign carefully and strictly. CSH Asia is not liable for any loss or dispute due to denial of permission to entry into Japan.