The conference will not offer hotel booking, please book hotel by yourself.

The typical hotels near conference site are:

The distance from convention center-Kunibikimess as well as the *hotel price are listed for your reference

*hotel prices increase when there are major local events or during peak vacation season

Matsue Urban Hotel 650m (9min on foot)

*fee: single 4500 yen~/ twin 8000yen~

Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu 730m(10minutes on foot)

*fee: single 14300 yen~/ twin 13750yen~

Onyado Nono Matsue Natural Hot Spring 800m (10minutes on foot)

*fee: single 11400 yen~/ twin 17400yen~

Matsue Plaza Hotel 880m (13min on foot)

*fee: single 4300 yen~/ twin 8200yen~

Toyoko Inn Matsue Ekimae: 990m((14minutes on foot)

*fee: single 6200 yen~/ twin 8200yen~ 

Toyoko Inn hotel Matsue-Ekimae 990m (14min on foot)

*fee: single 6200 yen~/ twin 8200yen~