Integrative Epigenetics in Plants (Virtual)

December 14, 2021 
Abstract deadline: November 20, 2021


Organized by:


Frederic Berger, Gregor Mendel Institute

Xiaofeng Cao, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology

Toshiro Ito, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Tetsu Kinoshita, Yokohama City University

Doris Wagner, University of Pennsylvania

We regret to announce the Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Integrative Epigenetics in Plants in Awaji, JAPAN has been rescheduled to December 2022 due to uncertainties over travel to Japan. However, the organizing committee for the meeting has also decided to hold a half-day online pre-conference event on 14 December 2021 to gather people in the field of plant epigenetic to discuss the future research direction and develpment of the field. It should be noted that registration for this pre-conference event is completely free.

The virtual pre-conference event will begin at 7:00am in the morning of Tuesdayy December 14 and consists of two sessions. In the first session, titled with "Open questions in the Epigenetic research", organziers will lead a discussion on the latest development in Integrative Epigenetics in Plants, such as "Evolution of chromatin", "Developmental plasticity for adaptation", etc. The second part will be an open short talks session where all the talks will be selected from the openly submitted abstracts on the basis of scientific merit and relevance. 

Major Topics:
1. DNA Methylation 
2. RNA-Mediated Regulation and Non-coding RNA
3. Histone Modifications and Variants 
4. Stem Cells and Development
5. Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stress
6. Crops, Hybridization and Heterosis

Keynote Speakers :
Steve Jacobsen,HHMI/University of California, Los Angeles
Tetsuji Kakutani,University of Tokyo

Invited Speakers :
Anna Amtmann
,The University of Glasgow
Frederic Berger,Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology GmbH
Xiaofeng Cao,Institute of Genetics & Developmental Biology, CAS
Xuemei Chen,University of California Riverside
Jungnam Cho,Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, CAS
Yong Ding,University of Science & Technology of China
Mary Gehring,Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yuehui He,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Martin Howard,John Innes Centre
Toshiro Ito,Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Tetsu Kinoshita,Yokohama City University
Claudia Kohler,Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Julie Law,Salk Institute
Chang Liu,Universität Tübingen
Raphael Mercier,Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
Yasuyuki Ohkawa,Univeristy of Kyushu
Bob Schmitz,University of Georgia
Motoaki Seki,RIKEN
Nathan Springer,University of Minnesota
Keiko Sugimoto,RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science
Doris Wagner,University of Pennsylvania
Jiawei Wang,Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,CAS
Binglian Zheng,Fudan University
Xuehua Zhong,University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jian-Kang Zhu,Purdue University and Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology

If you are intend to submit abstracts for the "Open questions in the Epigenetic research" session, please select "Invited Speaker" during registration. If you are intend to submit abstracts for the "Open short talk session, please select "Talk or Poster" during registration. We will collect your abstracts for different sessions accordingly.

We encourage abstracts to contain new and unpublished materials. The abstracts must be submitted electronically by the abstract deadline. Selection of material for oral presentation will be made by the organizers. Status (fellow's talk/poster) of abstracts will be posted on our web site as soon as decisions have been made by the organizers. 

We are eager to have as many young people as possible attend since they are likely to benefit most from this meeting. A certain number of presentations by graduate students and postdocs in this conference will be selected as fellowship (USD $100-$500) awards. For more details, please visit  

We look forward to seeing you at AWAJI in December, 2022.


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